Five Questions with Emily Nicol

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Emily Nicol was Indigenous X host from September 6 to September 13, 2013.

Five questions to Emily

I’m Emily, a born and raised Sydney (Northern Beaches) girl with Birri Gubba (North Queensland), Murray Island (Torres Strait) and Welsh heritage from my dad’s side and Dutch and English from my mum’s side of the family.

After doing the typical 2’s routine of study, various jobs and some overseas travel I have been fortunate enough to be taken onboard as a writer for Deadly Vibe magazine with Vibe Australia, a fantastic company that does a lot of great work in and for our community. I’m also doing social media for Vibe, an area that I’m still learning about really, but one that I think is such a powerful tool. It’s my dream job. I have met so many amazing and inspiring people already and look forward to being able to contribute in my own way to our amazing community.

With the annual Deadly Awards coming up next week, I plan on talking about some of the finalists and the arts scene in general. I’ll also be sharing anything interesting that I come across in the areas of health, wellbeing and culture, and if I’m up to anything interesting, which is often the case here at Vibe, I’ll be sharing that. I’m really looking forward to hearing from the IndigenousX audience to see what their thoughts are and what is happening for them.
The human spirit in general, I think each and every one of us is amazing in ways that we don’t even realise. I am greatly inspired by my mum. She raised us mostly on her own, worked long hours and endured hardships but has never lost her kind, generous and supportive nature. The tireless champions of Indigenous culture who are out there everyday, promoting, encouraging and presenting our rich culture to help keep it alive are truly inspiring. And finally, I’m inspired by all of the people that are doing it tough but still have a sense of humour, after all is said and done you have got to be able to have a laugh!
The gap in life expectancy between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous population is still so alarming. Health is the foundation of a good life, and education about health is crucial, but there is the correlation between making healthy choices and self-esteem to consider. You need a healthy self-image before you choose to make the decision not to drink, smoke etc; so I think we need to continue working to uncover and build platforms for all of the strong and inspiring Indigenous people out there who are achieving great things and let them be beacons of light that our youth can follow to greater levels of success and pride, and in turn, health.
In an ideal future I see Indigenous people and culture recognized, embraced, respected and celebrated by all people. The world would be a much richer place for it.

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