Five Questions with Adam Briggs

In 2014, Twitter Hosts by IndigenousX

Adam Briggs was Indigenous X host from November 14 to November 20.

Five questions to Adam Briggs

My name is Adam Briggs, AKA Briggs. An introvert with an extrovert’s career. I’m from a long line of leaders and story tellers that are the Yorta-Yorta people. I am a rapper from Shepparton, Victoria, who’s signed to Golden Era Records.

’d like to let the conversation happen organically – I’m known to go off the cuff and just see what happens. I plan to tell the followers my story and let them hear some new music. Hopefully engage in some topics around music and what it is I am best at, performing.

My role models would be my dad, Paul Briggs – and my uncles. They raised me and taught me more than most people. I have different role models for different aspects of my life – but for me, personally, my family mean most to me, because if I’m right by them I don’t need to worry.
Self-esteem and goal accomplishment are two big issues I’d like to address – the idea and power of “choice” also, to reach goals and a sense of pride in your identity. These are the issues I was closest to growing up so these are the issues that really hit home for me.
I hope for a better Australia and a better world for my daughter. I strive for that. I strive for a more educated discussion about the situations we live in and a better understanding of where we’ve come from to get to where we want to be.

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