Aug 23 all-day
23 August, NSW Director-General of Education approved the removal of the section of the teachers’ handbook that allowed school principals the right to refuse enrolment to Aboriginal children because of home conditions or substantial opposition from the community.
Aug 27 all-day
1841. On 27 August an extensive massacre at Lake Minimup in Western Australia, led by Captain John Molloy who “gave special instructions that no woman or child should be killed, but that no mercy should be offered the men. A strong and final lesson must be taught the blacks. … The white men had no mercy. The black men were ...
Aug 28 all-day
1963 in July a bark petition against mining on the Gove Peninsula is drawn up by the senior men of the affected clans. On 28 August the petition is presented to the Governor General. Although it is signed by more senior clan members, the Federal Government fails to recognise Aboriginal political structure and rejects the petition because of insufficient signatures. ...
Sep 2 all-day
The Aborigines Protection Act 1886 (Act no. 1886 (50 Vict. No.25)) was passed on 2 Setember 1886 and commenced on 1 January 1887. The full title of the Act is ‘An Act to provide for the better protection and management of the Aboriginal Natives of Western Australia, and to amend the Law relating to certain Contracts with such Aboriginal Natives’. ...
Sep 17 all-day
Sep 27 all-day
27th of September anniversary of British Atomic Tests at Maralinga 1956
Sep 28 all-day police custody
Each year, Aboriginal people remember his and other cases on John Pat Day with memorial services or protest marches
Sep 30 all-day Griffith